New Manual Handling Training Course

CIF Training 25/10/2017 Latest News

New Manual Handling Training Course

New Manual Handling Training CourseCIF now offers a new course revolving around the practice and theory of safe manual handling. To provide the best possible course available, a certified QQI Level 6 instructor will be leading this course. It is a half-day course that is open to both CIF members and non-members.

The content that you will learn by participation will include a theory session, where you learn about the best practices in manual handling. This will be followed up by a discussion about the dangers of unskilled and careless methods of handling. Your instructor will also bring you up to date with the newest legislature in the field, so you can ensure you’re doing your job properly.

In addition to that, the course will go over the laws of motion, as well as the principles of levers and how those relate to the main topic. You’ll also be provided with an explanation of the anatomy of the muscular system and spine, along with how the body may be harmed using improper handling techniques.

The course will also go over safely carrying loads, protective equipment, and the importance of physical fitness. Participants will lead being fully capable of lifting and handling loads most safely. They will also understand their bodies limitations and be able to determine if a load is too awkward or cumbersome.

CIF’s courses are highly recommended as the organisation offers some of the most relevant and useful education for those in the construction industry. This particular course will be available as a half-day course that spans the period of 9 am to 12:30 pm. The location where it will be offered is Dublin. The course is available only to CIF members, and the fee is €380.00. You can book online or contact Robert Butler at 014066071 or to book your programmes.