Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training Course

CIF Training 18/10/2017 Latest News

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training Course

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Training CourseMobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) are becoming increasingly more common in the construction industry. This leads to a need for education on the various aspects of working with these devices. As such, CIF has launched an all new Mobile Elevated Work Platform training course that will take you through everything from legislation to accident prevention and emergency procedures to maintenance.

This course will lead to a well-educated employee who is capable of operating a MEWP safely. Participants will be well-versed in the causes of instability when operating a device. The one-day course will also offer knowledge about carrying out pre-use inspections and ensuring a worker is safely at height at all times. Additionally, participants will understand the needs for a safety harness and be capable of carrying out emergency lowering of the MEWP when needed.

The course itself will go over the legislation and use of MEWPs, as well as the basic types of MEWPs out there. The instructor will cover accident prevention and the hazards the users might run into while using a MEWP. The course will explain safety precautions, positioning the MEWP, refuelling, charging batteries, emergency procedures and more.

The last section of the class consists of a practical test and a written theory exam to ensure participants fully understand the course material. The instructor for the course, as with all CIF courses, is a skilled professional who is well-versed in the construction field and topic related to the course. As such, you can expect to gain insights that other classes may not afford you.

This course is available only to CIF members and will be offered on location in Dublin. It will begin at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. The cost of participation in this course is €900.00. You can book online at any time, sooner is better as these classes will take only six participants at maximum.

For more information about booking a programme, contact Robert Butler at 014066071.