Claims Management Public Sector Contracts Course

CIF Training 11/10/2017 Latest News

Claims Management Public Sector Contracts Course

Claims Management Public Sector Contracts CourseCIF has recently announced the release of a dozen new courses, covering a span of topics important to the construction industry. One of these courses is related to claims management public sector contracts. This Claims Management Public Sector Contracts Course was built to promote understanding of the claims management procedure under the Public Works Contracts. It also looks at the newest developments in the contracts related to this area.

All courses at CIF are taught by professionals with experience in their fields. They meet the diverse needs of the Irish construction sector and are developed with the help of those who are working on the frontlines of the industry. Each course provides accreditation, which is of vital importance to the Irish industry.

Participants in this course will be given a broad overview of claims management procedures, as well as nuanced information about relevant sub-topics therein. Some of the areas that you can expect to be educated on include common contract problems and how to solve them; dealing with expense and loss claims appropriately; and variations and delay topics.

The claims management public sector contracts course is available to members or non-member of CIF, with the former requiring a fee of €125.00 and the latter a price of €150.00 The course itself runs for a half-day and can be taken in Galway, Cork, or Dublin. At the completion of the course, participants will have insight into the procedure of claims management under Public Works Contracts.

We encourage you to book as soon as possible, to ensure your place in the course. Participation will be limited, and once seats are filled, you’ll have to find another date to attend. You can book online or find more information about the course on the CIF website. We also have many other courses you may peruse. We look forward to hearing from you.