Air Tightness Course Offered as Collaboration Between CIF and CDETB

CIF Training 20/09/2017 Latest News

Air Tightness Course Offered as Collaboration Between CIF and CDETB

Air Tightness Course A new construction training course focusing on air tightness is being led as a collaborative effort by the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF). The course offers everything you can expect from a CIF course, as it has been devised to meet the requirements of the Irish construction sector. It has been tailored to offer information that has tangible real-world benefits.

The course will start out with an overview of thermal performance, the process of modelling the energy transfer between a building and the things surrounding it. This will be followed by an introduction to air and wind tightness. There will be a brief coffee break at this time so participants can enjoy a few moments of relaxation.

Upon returning, the next topic will involve a demonstration of a site leakage test, which is used to improve air tightness of a building. This will be followed up by a presentation of the materials used in air tightness, along with discussion about the many practical applications of the process. At this time, attendees may leave to enjoy a lunch break.

The last section of the day will be spent learning more about the theory of air tightness and how to calculate it. A demonstration of an air tightness test for building regulations and certification will round out the day. A question and answer session will be available for those who require further information.

The new course will run a full day and attendees may be awarded six Structured CIRI CPD points. To find out more or book a spot, contact Robert Butler at 01 4066071. The course fee will be expected to be paid at the time of booking and runs €165.00 for CIF members and €215.00 for non-members.