Abrasive Wheels Training Course from CIF

CIF Training 13/09/2017 Latest News

Abrasive Wheels Training Course from CIF

Abrasive Wheels Training Course The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is now providing many new construction training courses in various subject areas. One of the most exciting new classes is the abrasive wheels course, which covers a plethora of information related to the use of abrasive wheels on non-precision machines.

This course lasts approximately four hours and takes place on a single day. You will learn from expert lecturers with extensive service in relevant fields in the Irish construction industry. All courses are built to offer a practical education which can easily be transferred to work in real-world scenarios. Learn everything you need to know now, so you’re prepared in the future.

The abrasive wheels training course will go over the new 2016 regulations in detail. You will also learn to identify the hazards of working with abrasive wheels, as well as how to evaluate causes of abrasive wheel accidents that may occur in the workforce. Our skilled lecturers will also delve into the best practices for the storing of abrasive wheels.

Participants will learn how to select the best abrasive wheel for a particular job, leading to more efficient and safer work. There will also be training regarding the testing and inspection of abrasive wheels. Other topics include the difference between cutting and grinding operations; unique functions of blotters, flanges, and other components; dressing and truing the wheel; and guarding of the cutting and grinding operations.

At the time of finishing this course, participants will be capable of selecting the right cutting disc or wheel for a job. They will also have the ability to mount and use an abrasive wheel properly. Finally, participants will be the knowledge to list the legal requirements of working with the equipment and understand the function of fixed and portable abrasive wheel equipment.

Courses can be delivered on-site or at ANTS centre in Dunshaughlin Co. Meath.