CIF Training: Custom programmes for CIF Training

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CIF Training: Custom programmes for CIF Training

Construction Industry Training – a Business Essential

The importance of appropriate training to the construction industry has never been greater than it is today. In a challenging economic climate, construction sites need to operate with maximum speed and efficiency; skills and technical knowledge must be continually developed and updated; and on-site health and safety impact not only on the welfare of the workforce, but also on the success of the project. Effective construction training courses are therefore a vital part of the business plan for every size and type of enterprise in the industry.

Choosing a Training Provider

To obtain the most appropriate and cost-effective training for an individual work-force, it is important to find a training package which is exactly in accordance with the needs of that work-force. Whereas generic construction training courses may include much that is relevant, the best construction industry training will be carefully tailored to the context in which it is delivered.

The Construction Industry Federation – Customised Construction Industry Training

As Ireland’s leading provider of construction training courses, CIF Training has built its reputation by working with facility and site managers, human resources departments and other key figures in the sector to assess the training needs of each company and devise training programmes to meet them.

Health and Safety Courses

Health and safety courses are among the most crucial elements in workforce training, but providing generic courses may mean that vital opportunities to address the site-specific risks of a project are overlooked. CIF Training has many years of experience and expertise in devising health and safety training which is tailored to the personnel, time, and place.
Tailored Learning with Accreditation
CIF training courses provide accreditation, a crucial factor in today’s construction sector. Talk to us about how accredited training can meet your needs.

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