Safety Training: Safety Programmes in the Construction industry


In terms of health and safety courses within the construction industry, CIF is the national leader throughout Ireland. Our talents continue to attract a wide variety of clients.

What are a handful of the metrics which serve to define a successful Irish construction firm? Most will replay with terms such as professionalism, timely job completion, an adherence to the relevant coding requirements and of course, on-site safety. There is no doubt that these examples are all extremely relevant. Unfortunately, many firms still balk at applying for construction training courses. Some feel that they do not have the time while others may believe that they are not entirely necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth and the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has continued to dispel these myths over the years. Who are we? What makes our approach so very different? Why are we considered to be the national leader in regard to health and safety courses? These are all important questions that will be addressed below.

CIF at a Glance

CIF is the industry leader in terms of targeted construction project management courses. Unlike some other firms, we are more than happy to deal with small and large clients alike. This is one of the many reasons why massive organisations such as Irish Rail and Electric Ireland have procured our services over the years.

We also embrace a highly proactive approach. This is paramount when we consider how the industry has evolved over the past decade. Such an observation is even more pertinent for the future. We fully recognise that our clients are seeking governmental accreditations, so all our courses have been certified through bodies including IOSH and QQI. In addition, CIF training programmes are the named programmes within the Department of Finance Pre Qualification documents for construction tenders. These accreditations have become increasingly critical since regulations have become tighter in recent years. In fact, some of our curricula are even suited for those who wish to work within the European Union.

Real-World Knowledge that You Can Trust

One of the reasons why some firms are reluctant to commit to construction training courses is that they are wary about their employees being taught theory alone. Indeed, this is a very real concern. Our goal is to offer each and every student knowledge that can be directly applied to the real-world environment. Some of the advantages associated with this methodology include:

  • Accurate compliance with current rules and regulations.
  • A higher level of on-site employee safety.
  • More thorough management and compliance techniques.
  • Enhanced interdepartmental accountability.
  • A greater return on investment (ROI).

In other words, static and book knowledge alone is no longer sufficient today. Our customers require construction project management courses that provide expertise when it is needed the most.

Our Staff at a Glance: The Power of Experience

It is often said that health and safety training is only as useful as the individual who teaches the courses. CIF has stood behind this observation for years. Each one of our instructors is an industry expert within their chosen field. We firmly believe that generic approaches to health and safety training offer little to the end user and could lead to accidents. Thus, you will be able to encounter a curriculum that suits the requirements of your company and its employees. This is just as true whether referring to managerial training or safety compliance. Each teacher is knowledgeable, friendly and perfectly willing to address any questions as they will inevitably arise.

Our Courses: What Can Clients Expect?

The Construction Industry Federation provides a wide range of courses. Each of these is meant to address a specific subject or topic within the sector. Some examples are:

The reason that this represents such a diverse spectrum is that the codes and regulations within Ireland are being updated on a regular basis. If a company is not willing or able to stay ahead of these advancements, it risks falling behind its competitors or even endangering its employees.

Knowledge Far into the Future

Our construction project management courses represent very real investments. Not only are they able to provide students with relevant and on-demand training, but these very same skills can be taken with them well into the future. So, they are invaluable assets that will never lose their importance within the industry. This also enables students and firms alike to pass on their expertise to additional stakeholders. In other words, the training offered through CIF has become an integral part of the Irish construction industry.

Leading the Way with One Student at a Time

It is often difficult to be a leader within any industry. Customers expect nothing less than top-notch services always. Although this can be intimidating for some, the professionals at CIF thrive on such challenges. We have become the trainer of choice for many organisations and naturally, we fully intend to stay at the top of this list for years to come.

We are indeed the only option when it comes to only the most respected and trusted health and safety courses. Our clients demand superior levels of training and we have consistently delivered over the years. Such a position within the Irish construction community has been earned through our commitment to continuous quality improvement. Our courses only serve to reinforce this fact.

Choosing Our Team

Whether you are a smaller firm or a nationwide organisation, the Construction Industry Federation is more than capable of providing you with the health and safety training that you require. So, please do not hesitate to take a closer look at the courses which are currently offered. It is also wise to check back with our website on a regular basis, as many of these programmes are updated from time to time.

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