Construction Training: The Importance of Training, Learning and Development in the Construction Industry


The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is at the forefront of educational training specifically intended to be used within the construction sector.

The 2017 construction sector is markedly different when compared to only a decade in the past. Some traditional methods have been enhanced using newer coding and practices while others have been scrapped entirely in favour of more streamlined approaches. While such a progression is obviously beneficial for companies and customers alike, it is still an undeniable fact that learning and development must likewise be able to accommodate these advancements. It is therefore the intention of the Construction Industry federation (CIF) to provide cutting-edge health and safety courses to countless firms throughout Ireland. To better appreciate the advantages of such an approach, it is wise to take a look at what we have to offer and what makes us different in greater detail.

The Principles Embraced by CIF

It is first important to appreciate the reasons why CIF has always set the benchmark in terms of construction project management courses. We are a highly diverse organisation and we can meet the discrete needs of various sectors. Thanks to such a high level of malleability, our health and safety training will accommodate a wide variety of requirements.

Although static knowledge is indeed important, we also embrace the notion that all our information should be targeted towards ultimately increasing the levels of on-site efficiency. Thus, the return on investment associated with our packages is extremely beneficial from a financial point of view.

CIF is comprised of numerous policy committees and this has always helped us to target the needs of smaller firms and large companies alike.

By approaching these fields with more discretion, we have been able to offer a truly unparalleled knowledge base. This is obviously related to the variety of health and safety courses offered in general. However, our efficiency within this field is associated with much more than strategy alone.

The User-Centred Edge

There is often a common misconception that larger organisations which provide health and safety training are unable to offer the personalised attention that students require. Unfortunately, this is true in many instances. It is the goal of CIF to do away with this observation by supplying turnkey educational solutions which are entirely based around the needs of the student. This principle holds just as true when applied to individuals as it does about enterprise-level construction firms.

Another key tenet of this approach involves creating a solid foundation from which the student can continue to grow throughout the remainder of his or her career. After all, our construction courses fully appreciate the fact that what may be relevant today could very well be outdated tomorrow. By supplying ongoing training that our clients can trust, they will remain confident that they can stay ahead of the ever-evolving curve often associated with this massive Irish industry.

Our Staff

Experience is always required on a job site to guarantee the successful and safe completion of a specific project. This same principle is just as valid when referencing what students can expect from the variety of health and safety courses that are offered through CIF. This has enabled us to be recognised and accredited through well-known governmental bodies such as the QQI and of course, IOSH. However, such bespoke expertise is worth far more than official recognition alone. We take a great deal of pride in holding our staff members, representatives and teachers to only the highest of standards.

Expert lecturers with a great deal of experience within their respective fields have been sourced and vetted to make certain that they are able to provide the hands-on knowledge that is essential in this day and age. As the overall learning curve will likewise be drastically reduced, companies can be fully confident that their commitment to these construction courses will pay off for years to come. Thus, it should come as no great surprise that CIF was honoured with the 2016 Construction Safety Representative Award as well as the 2016 Construction Safety/Health Innovation Award.

Examples of Construction Health and Safety Courses

As the entire industry continues to progress, so will our courses reflect the changing requirements of the client. A handful of examples of what we currently offer can be seen below:

and of course our Virtual College Courses

We should also note that other areas such as compliance and apprenticeships are also provided. Keeping in line with the latest digital and technological trends, e-learning packages are available if a client or student wishes to access relevant materials remotely.

It Pays to be a Leader

It is no secret that the construction industry is rife with low-quality courses and instructors. Not only are their construction classes a waste of valuable resources, but being taught the incorrect procedures can result in real accidents occurring on the job site. We are the safe and professional option. We will never sacrifice integrity or quality for salesmanship. We take a great deal of pride in what we do and as a result, our students can receive the most cutting-edge construction project management courses within Ireland.

When Safety Matters

It should now be entirely clear to see some of the metrics which have allowed the Construction Industry Federation to enjoy such a respected role within this sector. Embracing core values such as integrity, efficiency and targeted learning platforms, countless businesses have already benefited from our services. There is no room for second-best in terms of construction safety and our track record proves that we leave nothing to chance.

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